LoKa and the Moonshiners
(tropical garage psych, freak folk)

Borned from the desire of exploring territories where garage rock meets Congolese mutuashi, repetitive music and a kind of pop melancholy, LoKa and the Moonshiners cultivate his hypnotics riffs in this “voodoo” vibration whose musical flame has always been maintained from The Seeds to Oh Sees.
On stage, LoKa and the Moonshiners perform at once a rock’n’roll and mesmerizing show. Among others, the band has already played on venues such as Rockerill, Botanique or Cabaret Vert festival; and provided support act for bands as Flamingods, Vanishing Twins, The Black Lips, or Oh Sees.
After the release of the single “Innerspace #1” within The Psychedelic Underground Generation compilation, the release of their album Under the big trees – reloaded (available in pre-released on bandcamp plateform) is scheduled (vinyls, cds and digital platformes). Date to be annonced. Their next album, named Deeper, is planned for 2024.
Loka and the Moonshiners is finalist of the Concours-circuit 2018 belgian contest.

MY RIDE (official video) unlisted link, please do not share yet
(from futur release of Under the big trees – reloaded)

HOLE – Live Session

THE MOONSHINERS – Rehearsal Sessions

DEEPER – Rehearsal Sessions

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